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Interior Painting

Are you ready to give your home a fresh style and look? Interior painting can transform any room in your home. It's an easy way to give a space a quick yet impactful interior painting makeover. Learn all of the handy expert interior painting tips.

Exterior Painting

A good exterior painting job will extend the life of your siding and trim and increase the value of your house.

Commercial Remodeling

A commercial remodel can be an extensive project that many businesses choose to undertake instead of building an entirely new facility. A business that doesn't have the property to expand may choose a remodel to maximize the efficiency of the space they have available.

Residential Remodeling

Residential remodeling has become an essential part of the construction industry. Remodelers add living space to existing homes and retrofit homes to modern conveniences and updated building codes. Remodeling can be done not only for cosmetic purposes but also for structural reasons, as well as to increase the energy efficiency of older homes.

It's time for a new look

Daniel’s Final Touch Painting is a residential and commercial painting company with more than 18 years of experience.

We Offer Preparation And Painting

Whether you’re a residential or commercial customer, there is a chance that your walls are not ready for paint. Therefore must be prepared.

We’re Professional Painters

Our company is proud of providing homeowners and businesses with the best experience humanly possible. We only employ professional painters to ensure our customers get great service.

Daniel's Final Touch Painting

quality services

We provide quality services in interior and exterior painting, removal of wallpaper, cabinet painting, painting of parking lines, stucco repair, drywall repair, remodeling and more.

Why us?

When you choose Daniel’s Final Touch Painting as your painting contractor, you are choosing professional painters, guaranteed experience, responsible and quality services, free estimates and many more benefits. Call us today and tell us about your next project.

Additional services

We do not limit ourselves to anything, we also offer residential and commercial remodeling, installation of doors, repair of siding, power washing, repair and installation of ceramic and laminate.

What Our Custumers say


I am very grateful with the work that Mr.Daniel's company has done. They came to my home to remodeling my bathroom, it was a good experience because they worked in a very professional way.

Marlene Ortiz


Mr. Daniel's company came to my restaurant and painted all my walls, they did a very nice job, but the best thing is that he did not alter my budget.

Jeancarlos Menendez